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Welcome to the Digital Revolution
The Rebel Agency
11 bis rue Géo Chavez
75020 Paris, France
+33 (0) 6 59 93 01 02
[email protected]

We’re The Rebel Agency

We’re a creative digital agency specialized in digital marketing, event organization and content production.


We are a group of rebels with a cause, and that cause is to exact radical, positive change all around us. We tread heavily, muddily and leave no stone unturned as we blaze the communal path toward a better future for our clients and community alike.


Our international portfolio extends across the lifestyle, fashion, health/beauty space, arts, design and architecture, entertaintment.<br /> Our manifesto is elegant chic meets edgy and progressive, fostering a bold harmony between best practice and chaotic creativity.


With more than one decade of experience working in both the traditional and digital marketing spaces, we have led award-winning digital campaigns both on and offline, and have managed double digit business growth over the years.

Join The Rebelution

As modern rebels living on the edge of digital freedom, our arsenal of digital services is sharper than a Samurai sword. No matter the challenge, our mantra remains one and the same: dive deep, swing low and don’t come home until you’ve captured your prize.


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